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By creating these resources, Fios and Xfinity reduce their expenses by fielding fewer calls and enabling consumers to quickly and easily get answers to their questions. Both providers have done a great job evolving their online experience and provide multiple channels for consumers to get in touch with live reps. There is not much distinction between the two in this category, although, Xfinity allows you to schedule a call and find a store location, Fios does not provide these options.

While customer service can be subjective and will vary based on each experience, customer satisfaction is measurable and is tracked over time by independent research companies like ACSI and J.

How Comcast's Xfinity X1 Works: Cost, Apps, DVR & Is It Worth It

ACSI has been in business for decades and is considered an authority on customer satisfaction benchmarking. Power, another leader in market research and consumer insights, conducts an annual U. Power U. Residential Internet Service Provider Rankings for see the full results here. Rating Factors: Overall satisfaction, performance, reliability, cost of service, billing, communication, customer service.

Residential Television Service Provider Rankings for see the full results here.

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Rating Factors: Overall satisfaction, performance, reliability, cost of service, programming, communication, billing, customer service. When evaluating Fios and Xfinity, nothing is more frustrating than trying to compare the all-in costs. Since the total costs depend on where you live, the number of TVs, packages, and deals at the time of purchase, the easiest way to determine how much you will pay is to look at each cost category installation, equipment, services, and other fees individually.

Before I dive into the details of each cost category, here is a quick snapshot of the total costs of Xfinity and Fios. If you order online, they waive the fee. If you order over the phone and ask them to remove the installation fee, most of the time, they will. Xfinity gives you two options for installation, do-it-yourself or professional.

To use Fios internet, you need to either buy a router which is cheaper if you buy from Amazon vs. Prices are always subject to change, but this will give you a good idea of how Fios and Xfinity service costs compare. Fios has seven different TV-only packages.

Xfinity TV packages and pricing

Here are the prices for each. Xfinity offers five TV-only packages. To see the channels included in each Xfinity package, visit xfinity. You can reach them at To compare the cost of Fios vs.

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Xfinity TV packages, the best number to look at is the cost per channel cost of the package divided by the number of channels. Excluding the very basic package from Xfinity Choice TV , the average cost per channel with Xfinity is 36 cents, while the cost per channel with Fios is 28 cents. Xfinity gives you seven different internet options to choose from:. Later in this article, I dive into how much internet speed you need skip ahead to that section.

To view current deals and special pricing, visit this page on Verizon. Xfinity allows you to pair any TV and Internet plan together and makes it easy to compare the prices of each bundle on this page or give them a call to discuss at Comparing TV and Internet bundles between Fios and Xfinity is very difficult because there are so many options, and they are always changing.

Xfinity offers a broader range of bundles, but Fios simplifies your choices with three TV options, all paired with the faster internet speed Mbps. One major takeaway from this section is that, whether you go with Fios or Xfinity, you get the best value by bundling TV and Internet. Fios and Xfinity are on to the cord-cutting trend and have adjusted their pricing models so that the cost of a bundle is marginally higher than internet alone.

Shop Xfinity services

Here is a break down of the costs:. It can increase, but your provider will always give you advanced notice of any changes. It can increase, but Xfinity always provides advanced notice of any changes. Other Service Providers — In some cases, you can purchase 3rd party services like Netflix through Xfinity and Fios, and if you do, their fees will show up on your bill here. Public, Educational, Governmental Access Fee — This fee is for costs associated with public access channels.

Fios locks you into a 2-year agreement, which guarantees your pricing for that period. They prorate the fee based on the number of months you have left on the contract. Xfinity does not require you to sign a contract; however, in some cases, they offer exclusive deals if you agree to a 12 or month term. These deals are always changing, so make sure to read the fine print before you sign up. In both cases, the fee is prorated based on the number of months you have left in the contract.

The installation process for Fios is more complicated than the process for Xfinity. Fios installation can take anywhere from 2. With both Xfinity and Fios, your home needs to be connected to their networks.

In the case of Fios, that connection is via a fiber optic cable that is linked to your house through an underground or aerial telephone poles installation. In the case of Xfinity, that connection is via a coaxial cable. Since coaxial cable has been around for decades, your house is likely already connected and ready for Xfinity installation. In this case, Verizon will contact the utility companies in your area and will dig a trench in the ground to run fiber cables from the fiber terminal in your neighborhood into your house.

Although this scenario is rare, old or damaged coaxial cables may need to be replaced to establish a connection with Xfinity. If this is the case, just like Fios, Xfinity will work with the local utility companies to get new lines installed. Once your house is connected to the network, whether it is Fios via fiber cables or Xfinity via coaxial cables, the rest of the service installation is straightforward. Both companies require that someone over 18 years old is home during the installation. With Xfinity, it is as simple as connecting the coaxial cable that brings the service into your house to the cable box and modem, running through the setup wizard, and setting up wifi name and password.

It is so simple that you can opt-in for self-installation. With self-installation, Xfinity mails you the equipment with instructions for you to set up yourself. Fios installation is very similar with one main difference. Essentially, it converts the inbound laser-generated signal into an electronic signal that works with standard phones and internet. Although the technician will do all the work, the ONT takes a significant amount of time to install. This scenario is much more likely with Fios because it is newer and has a smaller footprint, while Xfinity is more widely available and can plug into legacy cable networks.

Once connected, Fios can take up to 6 hours to set up due to the additional equipment required Optical Network Terminal. Xfinity takes only an hour to set up, and you have the option to do it yourself. When comparing TV services between Fios and Xfinity, the most significant aspects to consider are channels, DVR, on-demand, and unique features.

In short, both providers offer a wide range of packages with different channels, Fios gives you more DVR storage, but Xfinity has more TV shows and movies-on-demand. The reality is that most people only watch channels, so the best way to compare Fios and Xfinity TV packages is to determine which channels you must have, figure out which packages have all of those channels, and compare the prices of those packages. To see the exact channels that are included in each package, check out this page on Xfinity. Fios also offers Custom TV plans that are designed to suit your individual preferences.

The main issue with these packages comes when you and other members of your household have very different interests. The good news is that Fios also offers several packages that feature a more comprehensive channel lineup.

XFINITY Internet

To view the exact channel lineups for each package, check out this page on fios. In terms of its DVR capabilities, with X1, you can record up to 6 shows at once with up to hours of storage on the hard drive and up to 60 hours of cloud storage per DVR box.

Although hours of storage is more than enough for the average consumer, Fios provides more DVR options, and their top choice has significantly more storage than Xfinity. Xfinity is significantly ahead of Fios in terms of on-demand titles. Xfinity comes with over , free TV shows and movies on-demand compared to Fios, which comes with around 67, Xfinity also comes with over 69, TV shows and movies on-demand on your mobile device compared to Fios, which comes with only 36, Xfinity and Fios are both continually innovating to improve customer experience.

Most of the innovation is driven by enhances in technology like voice search and personalized recommendations. Here is a list of some of the unique features that each company offers. Ultra HD is currently the best screen resolution available , and now Fios is set up to deliver that superior quality. Direct Access to Netflix and YouTube: Now, you can access your favorite streaming services directly from the channel guide or, even easier, through your voice-activated remote. When it comes to comparing internet services, the only thing that really matters is speed. In short, Verizon can deliver a much faster internet than Xfinity because it is built on a newer infrastructure, called fiber-optic service, that is designed specifically for long-distance two-way data transfer.

Xfinity also provides high-speed internet; however, it is built on traditional coaxial cable infrastructure, which limits its capacity resulting in slower speeds than Xfinity. In NerdWallet. These are for-profit companies, after all. Fiber uses light to transmit data rather than electricity, which enables higher frequencies and data capacity. To use Fios services, fiber optic cables need to be installed directed into your house and plugged into a terminal box called an Optical Network Terminal or ONT, which can take several hours to install. These cables are made out of glass or plastic, which, unlike metal cables, are not inclined to electromagnetic interference.

Due to its fiber-optic network, Fios offers the fastest internet speeds on the market. Fiber cables are designed for two way transmission, which means upload and download speeds are equal. With typical connections, download speeds are designed to be faster than upload speeds since most internet usage, such as loading a webpage or streaming videos, involves downloading data.

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