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He can also see some halos around lights.

Branded vs. Generic: Proceed With Caution

If this happens, he should go for a medical check up soonest as blindness can occur quickly if left untreated. Glaucoma Causes Glaucoma is caused by too much pressure within the eye, which then causes an excess of fluid in the eye. Over some time, this can then result in damage to optic nerve. Fluid aqueous humor flows out of the eye via a channel.

  • Branded vs. Generic: Proceed With Caution?
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If there are some blocks in that channel, the fluid accumulates and glaucoma occurs. The cause of the blockage is still to be found out, but doctors think it is inherited. Intraocular pressure happens when fluid does not circulate normally in the eye's front part and damages the nerves that transmit images to the brain.

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If the pressure continues, permanent vision loss can happen. That is why glaucoma can cause total blindness within few years if not treated.

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Glaucoma Diagnosis Glaucoma is diagnosed by test vision and eye examination through the dilated pupil, focusing on the optic nerve which changes when glaucoma progresses. The doctor may also perform tonometry to check eye pressure, as well as a visual field test to determine if the side vision is lost.

Glaucoma tests are without pain and requires less time. For online pricing, call Before Using. How to Use. Drug Details.


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