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Cheap training courses have a preference for PowerPoint, often printed six to a page. Talk about death by PowerPoint! When selecting PRINCE2 training for yourself or your team, take a few minutes to enquire about, or peruse the training materials available: Are they printed, for example, in black and white or colour a significant concern, given the quantity of PRINCE2 charts and diagrams?

Are training materials available online? What kind of pre-course materials are offered? Less reputable training providers will not devote time to improving their course materials because they see this as a cost.

Better training providers know how important the whole learning experience is, and take the time to improve their materials over time. However, it also results in students crammed thirty to a room yes, you read it right — more than thirty!

The problem with high class sizes means the higher the ratio of students to teacher, the less one-to-one communication is possible, and the harder it becomes for the student to grasp the course material. In other words, the more students in the class, the less the educational value and comfort level for each. This is starkly illustrated by the situations of some classrooms, in which students are barred from asking questions, as there are simply too many for any kind of interaction beyond the lecture theatre set-up. In cost-cutting training organizations, however, this can be taken to extremes.

With less time available in class to ask questions to the trainer, cheap training providers compensate for this by making their students spend more time preparing for the course in advance often up to 15 hours and more time doing homework. I am definitely looking to get more staff onto this course.

One crucial way that cheap training providers use to save money is to employ inexperienced trainers.

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Those trainers just starting out in their training career are glad to get any work. Some companies like to tell you they are the largest provider. You know what large companies are often like — think of your mobile, or gas or electric provider. Good customer service? Probably not.

Search Post reply Subscribe to thread. Join Login. Thread Tools. What's this? Prince2 Training 19th Mar 18 at PM. Hi I am looking to complete Prince2 Foundation and Practitioners courses in the immediate future. Has anyone completed this course and if so, who did they complete the training with?

I have bought a study book from Amazon which I intended to use as a self study training aid but I'm not sure how long it will take me via this route so was looking to price up the cost of supported training as well. Any support or advice would be much appreciated to keep the costs as low as possible. Many thanks Sharks. Users saying Thanks 1. Page 1. I did it years ago so things may have changed.

It is dead easy and self studying is more than sufficient. Practitioner is much more difficult than Foundation. However in Practitioner sessions they teach you only exam techniques rather than new skills or knowledge. From what I recall the exam is quite expensive so if you go with training provider check whether exam fees are included.


Users saying Thanks 2. I went with QA for mine but it was paid for by my company. In my experience from 6 years ago - and things have changed since then I found the classroom-based teaching for Practitioners to be very valuable much less so for Foundation - you could do this with home-study. Users saying Thanks 3. Timpu View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. I used the Dummies Guide books. The revision book was particularly good and very focused.

There are apps possibly free, can't remember that you can use too. I didn't get on with online training and found the classroom based course for Practitioner level to be overkill. It was just too much information. The books did well by me. OP what is motivating you to study for Prince2? There are other project methodologies out there, for example, my workplace has ditched Prince2 for Agile.

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I ask as there is little point in spending money and energy on something that may possibly become less useful. Smodlet View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. Not sure but I think Prince 2 is somewhat out of date.

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Several people did it years ago where I used to work and only months later were wondering why they had bothered as, in their view, it was not worth much compared to other PM qualifications. The cost of theirs was double what you have been quoted so that may bear this opinion out.

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What is this life if, sweet wordsmith, we have no time to take the pith? Every stew starts with the first onion. I took it upon myself to investigate a trifle; it had custard, jelly, soggy sponge things Users saying Thanks 5. Hi All Thank you very much for your responses, apologies it has been a little manic today.

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training

Timpu - I have worked in project management previously but took a big step down when I had my little boy. I'm ready to start building up again but it's difficult and believe that I will have a better chance, and much more confidence, if I gain a qualification to enhance my credibility and CV. I have bought the study guide already so going to have a look and assess how difficult it would be, hopefully not too hard as per your comments. Thank you again, your feedback is much appreciated. There are currently no thanks for this post. At the end of last year I bought this from reed.

The course was online, just a whole load of videos explaining each aspect of Prince2. In general, I would say the content was good, and the tutor generally responded to any queries quickly.

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If you fail the same exam three times, we will refund your course fee. Description: This three-day course, designed by QA's industry leading project management experts, is fully accredited by the BCS and provides you with a thorough understanding of the internationally recognised PRINCE2 project management methodology. It includes the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam and then takes you beyond the method by giving you additional tools and techniques to become a confident project leader.

By working with world-class organisations, we are uniquely able to bring you a course that will give you the best opportunity to develop your project management career and deliver PRINCE2 projects confidently and competently, above and beyond just the syllabus areas. Based on best-practice, the method can be applied to any project irrespective of its size, industry sector, geographic location or culture.

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