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When I ordered on line it never showed up on email. I called for 3 days before I could talk to someone. A few days later 3 orders showed up.

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What's up with you guys???? I will dispute on credit card if you guys do not refund quickly. B Yancey I stayed up way past my bedtime last night reading these reviews. I have had NO such issues myself and have always been happy with the selection, prices and quality. In these times of knockoffs,diluted quality and questionable web sellers for increased profits, I consider a trusted source of supplements, like Swanson, to be MUCH safer and more valuable than "faster" shipping times, "outstanding" customer service or a deep discount from an unknown internet supplier.

To address some of the negative comments: 1. I have been aware of it for a long time I time my reorders to accommodate this. My one time of calling for customer service went smoothly and successfully. I strongly feel buying supplements medicine, after all demands an informed buyer. You can get into trouble with prescriptions in the wrong dose or wrong combination All the internet advice on "therapeutic" mega dosing doesn't help. There are examples of this in all media today Having hit some really good site-wide discounts from time to time, it would be unreasonable for me to expect this constantly.

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I had an excellent vendor of bicycle parts that did this and went under last year. I am always amazed at the folks that don't READ. Free shipping over a minimum order does not mean free shipping on all orders. If you mistakenly hit that re-order button, you are going to get items you didn't expect. Many businesses are not staffed on Sundays Supplements do not have a multiyear shelf life. I am fairly aware of the average expiration dates and do not purchase quantities that would carry me beyond those dates. If you do receive expired or very soon to expire goods, I have not read in the comments anywhere where Swanson refused to replace them.

In a business of that size and volume, it happens I would not expect Swanson to compete in this way 8. Swanson is a quality vendor with good prices and a huge selection. I shall continue to be a loyal customer This is why I do not want to buy anything from Swanson anymore.

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in October 12222

Decent products, good prices, but deceptive promotions. Rather not deal with a company like that when there are so many other reputable supplement companies out there with similar products and pricing like Puritans Pride. My cart always has many items that turn out not to be part of the sale, but I do not find out until I check the cart after shopping. Packages are slow to ship, and customer service reps seemed defensive when answering my questions about whether something is on sale. Having shopped at Swansonvitamins for years, I have started shopping on other sites.

I am certainly not loyal to Swansonvitamins now!! UPDATE: I noticed while reviewing the various complaints about Swanson that they seem to be most prominent after January of , when Lee Swanson sold the company to Swander Pace Capital, "a private equity firm specializing in investment in consumer product companies. Certainly, I don't think that Swander Pace Capital deserves the loyalty that customers could once reasonably invest in the company when owned and managed by Mr. If I cannot trust a company's representations to me, I cannot trust their products, either.

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Filter by:. I too am a longtime Swanson customer I too am a longtime Swanson customer. Reply from Swansonvitamins. Ahhhh, why thank you for the great review! Appreciate your longevity with our company. We are very grateful to have you as a customer. Have a great week! Deanne T. I ordered last June 26 order… I ordered last June 26 order id Hi there, Oh dear! I am so sorry if you did not receive our original email sent the day after your order was placed on June 27th, regarding your order. I will email you shortly with additional information.

I also wanted to mention that we do not collect or receive any payment until an order has left our facility. I'm unable to find anywhere in our replies where we informed to order on a different Swanson website. It seems we might have some miscommunication and I'm happy to clarify! Please look for an email from me. Hi Ed, Awesome! I believe I found your order. I hope this is it! I also see you emailed us about an hour ago at AM this morning. Our emails are answered in the order in which they are received. However, please expect a reply from me shortly!

Thank you, Nicole. They used to have excellent customer… They used to have excellent customer service Hi Leslie, I'm happy to see you were able to reach us by email where we were able to provide more information regarding the Standard Shipping time frame that was selected at checkout. Although your package was delivered within the time frame selected, I certainly understand where you are coming from. There is always room for improvement when it comes to shipping so this feedback will be taken into consideration.

I also want to assure you that all Swanson warehouses are still located in the United States.

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Please don't hesitate to reach out to us using the contact information below with any further questions or concerns. Email: customercare swansonvitamins.

I too have noticed the fall off in… I too have noticed the fall off in postal times and overall reduction in customer care , ie no coverage on Sunday, before the company was sold to this corporate entity the customer came first. Hello, Thank you for your review! All reviews are welcomed with open arms as we look to our customer's feedback when making changes. In , we made a company wide decision to close on Sundays for religious purposes and to allow representatives time with their families.

Having that one day off to spend with our loved ones really means a lot us and helps boost moral. However, every other day of the week, we have all hands on deck ready to assist.

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We would be more than happy to investigate your order. I'm not able to locate your account using the information here. Please contact us directly so we can further assist you. So now they have taken 2 lots of payments from my account. I paid for the quickest express delivery which was meant to be working days. I used the online chat to try and resolve this and was told that the 2nd payment was an authorization and it will be returned to me when the status of my order is shipped.

My order status has been "shipped" for the last 2 days and still the funds have not come back. A payment authorization should surely only be for a small percentage and not the total. This means that their business model is take 2 x the amount of money from your account every time you place an order and mask it as an authorization which doesn't get returned to your account. I asked them to simply send 1 of the payments back to me and they said they do not have to do that and suggested I take it up with my bank!

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I have no idea what the hell is going on, i am overdrawn and about to miss a payment deadline for my credit card, this will incur a charge and void my interest free period on my card causing every months repayments until my card is cleared to increase by over ponds. I have submitted 2 emails so far over the last 2 days and both are unanswered. I tried to let them know both times - can't find a way to talk to the main office to let them know. I would up my stars if they fix the security on their website - or I could talk to someone who knows about the web site.

The customer service told me to send a couple of unopened items back at my own expense. They do not bother to listen but kept insisting that I do not understand. That was my last order given that I had been their established customer for many years.

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It was the first that I had the chance to speak to their highly professional customer service! However, if you call customer service and haggle, you can always get a better one. I investigated this thoroughly. Then packages cannot be tracked when Swanson tells customer it was "shipped" because it was not really "shipped.

One bottle of vitamins was partly sticking out of the packet and has become deformed. The bottle could easily have been removed from the torn package, tampered with, and then re-inserted into the ripped bag. This is not the way to send health products. They should be sent in a sturdy protective box.

swanson vitamins coupon january 2019 Swanson vitamins coupon january 2019
swanson vitamins coupon january 2019 Swanson vitamins coupon january 2019
swanson vitamins coupon january 2019 Swanson vitamins coupon january 2019
swanson vitamins coupon january 2019 Swanson vitamins coupon january 2019
swanson vitamins coupon january 2019 Swanson vitamins coupon january 2019
swanson vitamins coupon january 2019 Swanson vitamins coupon january 2019
swanson vitamins coupon january 2019 Swanson vitamins coupon january 2019
swanson vitamins coupon january 2019 Swanson vitamins coupon january 2019

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